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Why choose hillsboro aero academy?

Our mission is to turn your dream to fly into a career.

When you choose Hillsboro Aero Academy, you get FAA-approved helicopter or airplane pilot training backed by 37 years of experience. After you graduate, you’re connected to a global network of pilots interested in your success.


We’re an accredited flight school.

That means Hillsboro Aero Academy’s accredited school, Airman’s Proficiency Center, is held to high standards by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, and we have to back up any claims we make about our training. We’re FAA-approved to administer FAR Part 141 training and we also have the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operators accreditation.


We’re officially invested in your success. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you get your aviation career off the ground.

When it came time for me to choose a flight school, Hillsboro Aero Academy was the clear choice for my training needs. They exceeded my expectations with their professional staff and instructors who were dedicated to ensuring my success and growth as a professional pilot.
Reid Herman airplane school graduate

Reid Herman, Captain for Compass Airlines
As a native Oregonian, Reid knew he wanted to conduct his training locally because the Pacific Northwest offers a unique and challenging environment in which to refine one's flying skills.

When searching for a flight school, important factors to consider are a high student success rate, an excellent safety record and diverse flying conditions.
Greg Bartle HAA graduate

Greg Bartle, EMS Pilot
Hillsboro Aero Academy met all of the requirements on Greg’s list for a flight school and offered a training program that helped him accomplish his goals.

10 Reasons to Start Your Career at Hillsboro


We have 37 years of experience training professional pilots from over 75 countries. Our FAA-approved FAR Part 141 and Part 61 pilot training programs send you soaring into your career.


Flying in the real world means facing changing environments and challenging weather—the unique flight environments of the Pacific Northwest prepare you for your career.


Our school is dedicated to your safety and we’re the first Part 141 primary flight school (academy) with IS-BAO accreditation from the International Business Aviation Council. Safety for us is more than a way of flying, it’s part of our curriculum and a key piece of each of our student’s training.


When you choose Hillsboro, you choose a flight school that cares about your individual success and join a global network of pilots from over 75 countries who are flying various missions all over the world.


With 37 years experience training professional pilots, we have a reputation for creating high-quality pilots and the connections to help you take that first step in your career. Our network for graduates spans the globe and helps open doors for our students.


We have experience training pilots from all over the world and offer student visa programs, including the F-1 Visa which gives you the opportunity to train and get a pilot job in the U.S. before taking the next step in your career.


We offer two- and four-year degree programs for pilots through Portland Community College and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University Portland Campus so that you can advance your aeronautical education.


U.S. military veterans can use their GI Bill benefits at our flight school—choosing from flight training degree programs and other options.


We allow our students to pay as you go for your flight training, which means you’re not required to deposit money into your account prior to beginning training. Students are only required to pay the balance at the completion of each lesson.


There is no sales tax charged in state of Oregon where all of our campuses are located. This can add up to significant savings on your flight training without paying these extra taxes charged in almost every other state.


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