Hawthorne Blue Hour


john hay

Jon Hay
President & CEO

natalia cimpean

Natalia Cimpean
General Manager/Controller

Dan Doepker small 2

Dan Doepker
Helicopter Chief Instructor

Max Lyons small

Max Lyons
President Emeritus

Chris Berg small 2

Chris Berg
School Director/Airplane Chief Instructor

Amy Smith marketing

Amy Smith
Director of Marketing

Chuck Hagele small 2

Chuck Hagele
Director of Maintenance

Seth Hansen small

Seth Hansen
Business Development


Stu Musacchia
Director of Safety

Lavinia Petre small

Lavinia Petre
Human Resources Generalist

Linda Cramer small

Linda Cramer
Assistant to the President

Ryan Houghton admissions team

Ryan Houghton
Lead Admissions Representative

Ashley Wenbourne admissions team

Ashley Wenbourne
Admissions Representative

Julie Hategan small

Julie Hategan
International Admissions Coordinator

Neal Baldwin small

Neal Baldwin
Airplane Assistant Chief Instructor

Tiago Takahashi small

Tiago Takahashi
Helicopter Assistant Chief Instructor

Paul King small 2

Paul King
Airplane Assistant Chief Instructor

Mark Paulson small

Mark Paulson
Troutdale Campus General Manager

Kevan Quackenbush small

Kevan Quackenbush
Prineville Campus General Manager

SK small

Satoru Kamoshita
Asia Program Manager

Blake Segoria small

Blake Segoria
China Program Manager

Amber Wigley small

Amber Wigley
Dispatch and Housing Manager

Scotty Welch small

Scotty Welch
Aircraft Parts Manager

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